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Sports Massage Dublin South

Maintaining performance, reducing injury occurrence, and faster rehabilitation can all be achieved with a quality deep tissue massage or sports massage. Massage techniques will manipulate muscle, tendon, ligament, and fascia to relieve post-activity fatigue, reduce swelling, and release tension.
Sports or deep tissue massages are perfect for dedicated athletes and anyone training for an event, and over time will increase flexibility to prevent injury. Commonly used before, during, and after sporting events, it is the ideal treatment program to keep your body at peak performance for the duration of a competition, a training program, a specific match, or any other event. You do not need to be an athlete to benefit from sports massage. 
Sports massage can also help rejuvenate muscles that are often subject to loads they were simply not intended for due to the responsibilities of daily life. Our muscles were never designed to cope with 8 hours sitting at a desk every day, or any one of a hundred other ways work, and other necessities of life leave us behaving. The result is muscles that can be short, tight, and stiff, or long and weak, and ultimately this can lead to all kinds of pain and stiffness problems, including neck, knee, or lower back issues.
With deep tissue and sports massage, you can maintain flexibility even in these difficult circumstances, reducing pain and helping to maintain a healthy body even through the busiest of schedules.

Sports Massage in Dublin 

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