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Are Deep Tissue Massage Treatments worth the investment?

January 30, 2017




High quality deep tissue massage treatments do not come cheap. The average price in Dublin for 1 hr deep tissue massage ranges from 40 euro to 80 euro. ( What Clinic.com)

With independent therapists offering best value and salons/hotels at the more expensive end. Expense does not always mean quality.


So is it worth the cost?


Considering that deep tissue bodywork is one of the best methods of recovery from intense training at the gym or sports/competition then that recovery is vital making deep tissue treatment worth the cost. Current research shows that subjects receiving deep tissue treatments felt less fatigued and felt greater, quicker recovery after major sporting events. Improved mood and decreased anxiety were also noted.


Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) decreased by about 30% in one research study. Other studies support the finding that DOMS decrease after deep tissue massage.


Deep tissue massage targets the deep tissue structure of the fascia and muscles, referred to as connective tissue. Of the many types of massage, deep tissue, focuses on the release of muscle tension and chronic knots


Massage can be used pre-performance, post-performance, during training or for rehabilitation. Athletes of all levels can  benefit  and if you are looking for a way to improve your athletic performance, then deep tissue bodywork is the way to go.


The benefits are both psychological and physiological and include;

  • Increased blood flow

  • Increased joint range of motion (ROM)

  • Increased flexibility

  • Increased elimination of exercise waste products (lactic acid)

  • Decreased neurological excitability (nerves more relaxed)

  • Decreased chance of injury

  • Decreased recovery time between workouts

  • Decreased muscle spasms


Deep tissue work breaks up and eliminates scar tissue from previous injury better and quicker than any self massage techniques. Stressed muscles can block essential nutrients from getting to the tissues and this can cause muscle inflammation. This inflammation leads to pain and stress. The deep tissue treatment will break up and release toxins by loosening the muscles. With the release of toxins, the blood and oxygen can circulate correctly through the body.


When preparing for a deep tissue massage it is important to be relaxed and hydrated. Drinking lots of water before and after is recommended. After treatment it is best to relax the muscles for the rest of the day. Soaking in a warm bath with Epsom salts will help sooth muscles and drain toxins. Let your muscles have a day of rest to recover after deep tissue treatment.


At Deep Tissue.ie there are special offers that are unmatched in Dublin city.




1 hr Deep Tissue full body massage @ 40 euro

90 min Deep Tissue full body massage at 50 euro




Terms and conditions:

The deep tissue massage deal will give you a saving of 100 euro, cost of 6 treatments is usually 300 euro. Payment required upfront for this offer. After the first treatment you will have the option of continuing with the 6 month deal or just pay for the one treatment. This is to ensure that you don't have to sign up if you are not 100 % happy with the service. I have a lot of positive feedback and repeat clients but the treatment may not suit everyone.

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Are Deep Tissue Massage Treatments worth the investment?

January 30, 2017

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