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60 minutes or 90 minute massage? The choice is yours

January 27, 2017


1 hour or 90 mins?


When booking a massage the client is often torn between the 1 hour or 90 min time slot. It really depends on the individual needs of the client. Both treatments are full body Swedish/Deep Tissue massage. The main difference is that the 90 min time slot allows more time to get into deep tissue therapy  body work.


If the main purpose is relaxation the 60 min slot is good, a nice relaxing massage can be provided in one hour including Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques, the main difference being that less time is spent on each section. The 90 min allows more time to be dedicated to the foot massage and hand massage and the head and scalp. Areas which are not always prioritised in the 60 min time slot. When being used to providing 90 minute massages regularly it can be difficult to get the whole routine done in 60 mins. Also the client is so relaxed that the 60 min massage flies  by so quickly and they feel like they want to stay longer.


On the other side, shorter massage periods can be ideal for those who have time constraints or are specifically interested in a focus massage ie sciatica massage or frozen shoulder massage therapy.


People rarely get off a massage table thinking that they’ve had enough or have been there too long. (Let’s not even go to the 50 minute time of general spas – which I think is really poor service.)


But with deep tissue – 60 minutes isn't always enough to address the whole body adequately.. This is enough time to address either the upper body or the lower body or specifics like shoulder / upper back and neck complaints. A lot of people like the back body treatment, ie neck, shoulders, upper, mid and lower back, glutes, back of legs and feet, this option is ideal for a 60 minute treatment.


A really good therapeutic deep tissue massage is best when 90 minutes can be allocated. . This is deep tissue where time is spent assessing, palpating, warming,softening and melting superficial muscles which is  necessary in order to allow access to  deeper muscles. And it also takes time for the client to be able to relax mentally,  find their breathing rhythm and their trust and comfort in the session. After all that preparation work, which takes time the therapist has to work slowly and methodically. When working really deep the movements need to slow down.


When working on deep tissue body work I need to listen to the body , underlying anatomy, and work slowly to release knots and determine what pressure the client is able for. Some movements in deep tissue treatment will feel very intense but they should not be painful. Any pain felt should be communicated immediately to the massage therapist.


And then there’s joint mobilization and increasing range of motion (ROM) for many differing conditions and desired outcomes. Massaging muscles doesn’t just stand on its own! I will often perform joint mobilization and stretching techniques to the areas of the body served by those muscles that are receiving a massage. This gives a much more beneficial (and great-feeling) all-around massage.


So essentially the point is if you’re booking a proper deep tissue massage, or even a relaxation massage with elements of deep tissue – give yourself and your therapist a break and do the 90 minute version – you’ll love it!

Choosing 90 minutes for deep tissue massage is a win-win situation. The client receives a better massage and better results, the therapist gets to give a better massage.


90 minute treatments and 60 minute treatments are available at Deep Tissue.ie massage studio on Dublin city’s Westland Row. As of January 2017 the 1 hour Swedish/Deep Tissue massage costs 40 euro and the 90 minute Swedish, Deep Tissue massage costs 50 euro. These prices are unmatched in the heart of Dublin city. The reason the cost is so low is to offer affordable massage so clients can access regular massage treatments in order to reach their best mental and physical health.

As Well as the popular massages such as full body Swedish and Deep Tissue, shorter focus massages can be tailored to your individual needs to treat specific conditions.

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Are Deep Tissue Massage Treatments worth the investment?

January 30, 2017

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