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10 euro Off for Those who did the VHI Woman's mini marathon Yesterday, valid until June 20th

Running a marathon or mini marathon is one of the most physically demanding activities we can experience. It requires not only mental toughness but also physical endurance. After completing such an intense race, it's essential to take care of yourself and recover. One way to help recovery is by getting a massage. Getting a massage after running a marathon will help reduce muscle soreness and inflammation resulting from the race. The pressure applied during the massage helps increase blood flow, helping to bring oxygen and nutrients to tired muscles, allowing them to heal faster. In addition, massages have been shown to decrease stress levels and to promote relaxation - both of which are essential for recovery after such an extreme event as running a marathon. A relaxed mind allows for better sleep quality, which aids in repairing damaged muscles. Overall, getting a massage after running a marathon can significantly benefit your body's recovery process. It could improve your performance in future races by keeping your muscles healthy and reducing injury risk. So why not treat yourself with some self-care?

At deep tissue studio, we are offering participants of the 2023 VHI Woman's mini marathon 10 euro off their treatment from now until June 20th, 2023. All you need is book on WhatsApp and bring along your race number bib, and your discount will be applied. Booking is essential, and places are limited. One discount per client. New and existing clients included.


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